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Saturday 9th September 2023

Robert Lane

9 Sept 2023

Week 36

It was a very hot morning earlier for parkrun as the summer seems to be delivering the best weather right at the very end! At Alvaston, there were 24 club members taking part as numbers swelled to 351 with Markeaton and Shipley both being cancelled. Conor O was 1st in his age category on the running side, and five members volunteered, namely Brendan D, Jerry E, Lucy T (also ran), Richard B and Robert L.

Elsewhere in the region, Ciaran M made his first visit to Beacon parkrun in Lichfield, grabbing 8th place, Sam B headed to Conkers for his debut finishing in 6th place, and Sheila G made her first visit to Market Bosworth parkrun.

On the other side of Nottingham Fiona F and Sharon C visited Colwick parkrun and in Stafford at Isobel parkrun, Martin S and Nick P made their debuts.

Our north-east member David Br went to Jesmond Dene parkrun in Newcastle, and in the same neck of the woods Dan W visited Carlisle park, even further northwards in Morpeth.

Finally, down in Hampshire, Julie M collected the highly elusive Q at Queen Elizabeth parkrun!

Amazing stuff you greens in that heat! Well done all! 💚💜

Volunteering for 09 September 2023

Alvaston parkrun

- Brendan D (Bar Code Scanning)

- Jerry E (Funnel Manager)

- Lucy T (First Timers Briefing)

- Richard B (Marshal)

- Robert L (Course Check, Pre-Event Set Up)

Results for 09 September 2023

Alvaston parkrun (5k)

- Adam G 28:27

- Andrew G 43:30

- Brian W 23:13 3rd Age Cat

- Chris B 22:33

- Connah B 22:27 2nd Age Cat

- Conor O 20:46 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Daisy M 30:01 2nd Age Cat

- Dara P 38:21

- David L 21:49 3rd Age Cat

- Dawn O 32:11

- Deanna S 27:46 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Leanne S 28:45

- Lisa D 27:52 3rd Age Cat

- Lucy T 33:48

- Matthew B 27:28

- Michael T 28:23

- Richard M 21:58 5th Age Cat

- Sarah R 30:08

- Trevor H 26:04

Beacon parkrun (5k)

- Ciaran M 18:59 (First Timer!) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

Carlisle Park parkrun, Morpeth (5k)

- Dan W 29:06 (First Timer!) 2nd Age Cat

Colwick parkrun (5k)

- Fiona F 28:01 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

- Sharon C 28:02 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

Conkers parkrun (5k)

- Alyson W 29:40

- Samuel B 19:15 (First Timer!) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Isabel Trail parkrun (5k)

- Martin S 22:54 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

- Nicky P 24:53 (First Timer!) Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

Jesmond Dene parkrun (5k)

- David Br 01:01:33 (First Timer!)

Long Eaton parkrun (5k)

- Barry B 31:55 2nd Age Cat

- John B 39:48 3rd Age Cat

Market Bosworth Country Park parkrun (5k)

- Sheila G 33:33 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

Pollok parkrun, Glasgow (5k)

- Zakaria M 23:46

Queen Elizabeth parkrun (5k)

- Julie M 29:40 (First Timer!) Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

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