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The Sinfin Grand Prix is the main award that most club runners will compete for.  Members are scored for taking part not just road races, but trail as well, and any other race they want to do providing it is not in the Fell championship, a cross country race or a parkrun.

The Grand Prix award goes to the runner with the best performances over the calendar year concluding with a presentation at our Annual Awards evening in January. 

Over the year results are collated to determine the best performing male & female winners.  Points are age graded*, so you always have a good chance of winning the championship, if you perform well within your age category AND you can run enough races to get enough points!  You are also more likely to perform better on a stable, firm and less hilly running surfaces.

Qualifying for championship points is easy, and you can run in as many of the following race distances as you like.  You DO NOT have to run a race in ALL of the distance disciplines nor complete the stated number in each discipline.  Only the best of the stated number of runs at each of the distances (stated below) will count towards your championship points grand total.  The race must be timed and all runners must be running the same distance (this therefore excludes "challenge" runs in which laps are ran and there is no predefined distance for all runners).

Obviously the more different distances you do will stand you in better stead but it worth noting that there are runners who have not run marathons (for example), and have still won the championship due to good performances in the rest of the disciplines.

The results used will be your best of the following:-
- 1 x Marathon
- 2 x Half Marathons
- 1 x 10 Miler
- 4 x 10K
- 1 x 5 Miler
- 1 x Wildcard – any distance

To be further inclusive we understand that some members may take part in races that do not fit into the Grand Prix race categories.  These are still catered for but the result will be classed as the nearest category distance BELOW that of the race ran.  For example, a 7 mile race, will be scored as if it was a 10k and count towards one of the four 10k races.  This means in reality, the points scored are unlikely to be as high as running an actual 10k but it does mean points are still scored.


To qualify for points 

- Excluded races - parkruns, Cross Country & Fell, Challenge/Lap Races

- You must run in Club Colours (the GREEN vest or GREEN training t-shirt)

- You must be a full member (1st or 2nd claim) 

- The result must be registered in the club’s Green Book (Collated by Brian W / Robert L)

- Races must be timed

- Races must have a set pre-defined distance

- All runners must be running the same distance

*Age Graded Examples

A 10k Result of 45.00 Minutes

Male - Age 25 - 58.67 points

Male - Age 50 - 66.02 points
Female - Age 25 - 66.17

Female - Age 50 - 74.85

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