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Our cross country (XC) league runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

NOTE - for the 2024 season we are making some changes the leagues we run in and the number of races that you have to participate in.

1 - We will no longer support the East Midlands League to avoid race clashes.

2 - There are a total of 12 races but only the best 8 results will count towards your final total

This means less demand on runners and, perhaps, will make it a little closer and keep competition high.

Sinfin currently run in two different cross country leagues:


  • The NMXC league is paid for by the club. 

  • Derby Runner League races are paid per member per race (but are still very cheap at circa £5 to £7 each race)

In addition to these races we also include the following races:

  • Derbyshire XC Championships

  • National XC Championships

All races are points age graded* 

2024 Fixture List 

  • Saturday 6th January 2024 - Derbyshire Champs: Bulwell Hall Park, Nottingham, NG6 8LF

  • Saturday 13th January 2024 - North Midlands XC: Bulwell Hall Park, Nottingham

  • Sunday 28th January 2024 - TDR: Boothorpe

  • Sunday 11th February 2024 - TDR: Shipley Park

  • Saturday 24th February 2024 - National Cross Country Champs: Weston Park, Telford 

  • Sunday 10th March 2024 - TDR: Sinai Park


To qualify for points 

- You must run in a Sinfin Club Vest

- You must be a full member (1st or 2nd claim) 

- The result must be registered in the club’s Green Book (Collated by Brian W / Robert L)

*Age Graded Examples

A 10k Result of 45.00 Minutes

Male - Age 25 - 58.67 points

Male - Age 50 - 66.02 points
Female - Age 25 - 66.17

Female - Age 50 - 74.85

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