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People run for many reasons, to compete, to get fit, to socialise with other runners, some run to improve their mental health and others just love to run.  Whatever type of running you're into, you can be sure to find Sinfin club members leading the way.  

Whether you like running across countryside, up hills and mountains, beautiful woodland trails, or simply love pounding the city streets, you'll be sure to find runners of all disciplines to run and train with, and help you achieve your goals.

At Sinfin there is a wide variety of runners experienced in running on all of these types of surfaces and terrains, and at varying speeds and distances.

The club also runs championships for each type of surface, which as a member you will automatically be entered into.

Road Running

Road running is the sport of running on a measured course over an established road. This differs from track and field on a regular track and cross country running over natural terrain.  It is an alternative surface to running on a trail, track, or treadmill. For many people looking to participate in running as an activity or sport, there are multiple opportunities that can be found on the road.

Fell Running

Fell running, a traditionally British sport, is running and racing off road, where a significant gradient is climbed. It's not so much about speed, but you'll have to train yourself for the unpredictable weather and terrain you might experience underfoot. Fell running also involves running between two checkpoints, often without a clear path. This is the main difference between fell running and mountain running - mountain runners are often faster, with more obvious paths to follow.

Trail Running/Off Road

Simply put trail running is basically a footpath that is generally unpaved, be it gravel tracks, or muddy countryside trails cut through fields or woodland, but the chances are there’s a trail waiting to be run in your local park!

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