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Our main club run is on the Wednesday Weekly Club Meet but we don't stop just there.  We also try to offer whenever possible other club meet-ups to provide a good variety and to cater for all abilities and runners' requirements.

Monday Athletics Track
On Monday evenings @ 6.30pm, we hire the athletics track at Moorways Sports Village, which opened earlier in 2022 after a complete redesign and rebuild.  Here we offer a variety of different training sessions for you to get your teeth into - or rather your feet! 
If you've never ran on the track before, it is the perfect flat surface to run on with plenty of grip, providing 400m laps for you to run around as fast or as slowly as you like without the distractions, potential risks, and undulations you get whilst running elsewhere.   Running on the track offers many benefits including building your strength and stamina, strengthening your bones, and improving your balance to name but a few, all at a reduced risk.
Track sessions vary from running repetitions of varying distances, for example, 10 x 400m, 6 x 800m, to running a 5k at your race pace.  These change from week to week to make it as engaging as possible.  Of course if you just want to come along to have a gentle jog or a recovery run, then that's all fine too.
There is a small charge per runner on the night, or a block of weeks can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Tuesday Speed or Hill Sessions

On Tuesday evenings @ 6.00pm or 6.30pm, we run slightly more informally, either running intervals, or hill sessions.  These are similar to what we might do on the track on Mondays, however, the intervals are run on pavements either in Pride Park, Raynesway, or Infinity Park Drive in Chellaston, based on the layouts of the road lending themselves more appropriately to the different distances.  For example, intervals up to 1200m are normally run in Pride Park, or Infinity Park Drive.  One mile intervals are ran on Raynesway (service road).

On certain Tuesdays we do hill reps which are usually on the Wilmorton railway bridge, or sometimes in the summer, at Darley Park whilst the nights are longer.

There are no charges for these runs and they are organised by club members.

Darley Tree.jpg

Thursday Trail Runs inc Headtorch & Pub Runs

Once a month on a Thursday evening @ 7.00pm, we try to run an alternative trail run  of circa 5 or 6 miles.  Over the summer we often choose a nice pub to start and finish at somewhere around the Derby area and try to organise a cheap bite to eat afterwards to have with a refreshing and well deserved drink.

As the darker nights return the trail runs require a headtorch both for safety and for that exhilarating feeling of running in the dark!

Again, as per the Tuesday sessions, there are no fees to join these runs and they are organised by club members, so the more the merrier!

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