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Thinking of joining?

We have many experienced runners who are willing to provide support and advice, whether your goal is just to get fitter or if you have your sights on completing a sub – 3 hour marathon.

Sinfin Running Club offers various membership options, the costs, details and benefits of each can be found on the table further down this page.  The membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st.  If you are joining mid-year, there may be discounts available, please contact the club's Membership secretary for details:

1st Claim Membership - This is the club's primary offering and includes the England Athletics (EA) UKA registration fee.

Family Membership - This covers two adults and offers a considerable discount on the full price of two 1st Claim adults.  There is no limit to the number of children (age 12 - 17) who can join with this membership, however they may not represent Sinfin RC in races (other than parkrun).  Any child wishing to do so must pay the UKA registration fee. 

2nd Claim Membership - This membership is for those who are already a UKA registered member of another running club but would like to join Sinfin to enjoy some of what the club offers.  Please see the table below for what benefits and restrictions this membership type carries, particularly around Cross Country eligibility.

Fell Runners Association (FRA) based Membership - The club has a thriving off-road running community.  If you are not a member of EA/UKA but do hold an FRA membership (which unlike EA-based club members you must pay for and manage yourself), you can join the club for £16 and enjoy almost all the club has to offer.  Please see the table below for further details on the benefits and restrictions.

For the above memberships; many races that you enter offer reduced entry fees for being a UKA (road) or FRA (fell) member, so the more races you run the more money you will save, eventually covering the cost of your affiliation fees!

Social Membership - With this membership you become an associate member of Sinfin without affiliation to EA/UKA or the FRA (and will therefore not benefit from any discounts when entering races).  Social membership is a good option if you are just looking for a great supportive club to run with and aren’t too invested in the competitive nature of races.  You can wear club colours at races if you want to, however, you won’t be shown as Sinfin member in the race results as you will not be affiliated to UKA. You will be eligible for all Sinfin club activities and will also be included in the parkrun challenge.   


Wednesday meeting nights are included as part of all memberships, as is inclusion in the club’s official and social WhatsApp groups, and inclusion in the Facebook members’ group.

Of course, you’ll be wanting to buy running kit (vests, hoodies or Training t-shirts etc) so you look the part when you’re out beating the streets!  We can get all this organised for you once you become a member.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you or have you been an England Athletics (EA) registered member of another running club?

If this is the case you may have to go through the England Athletics club transfer process before you can join us.

How can I become a 2nd Claim EA member?

You must first be an affiliated and registered first claim EA member of another running club. Check your affiliation status with England Athletics: 

For all questions relating to the information on this form, or for anything else you need to know: Please see the membership information on our website at:, contact the Membership Secretary directly:, or speak with an existing member of the club.

Contact Us

For more information please contact 

David Lees (Membership Secretary)

General Enquiries & Information

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