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Saturday 8th April 2023

Robert Lane

8 Apr 2023

Week 14

Well it was a whopping turnout at parkrun yesterday with no fewer than 12 different parkruns being run by our members. It would've been 13 but that proved to be unlucky for Brendan D who got caught up in a huge traffic jam on the way to Kingsbury Water and failed to make it 😪

At Markeaton the big 250 was up for Fiona F and she was joined by Sharon C for a bit of a celebration... well done Fiona!

There were visits to Stroud by Kevin P, Isabel Trail in Stoke by Sam B & Tomas H (6th place for Sam), Linford Wood in Milton Keynes by Pete R, and Monsal Trail by Thomas S & Maria G. Up north in Newcastle Dan W hit Rising Sun parkrun and Jamie M visited North Yorkshire Water Park parkrun. In the south Alyson W visited the lovely Netley Abbey near Southampton, and just east of Peterborough Chris B and Connah B ran at Snowden Field parkrun where there were only 44 runners!

Back home at Alvaston a smaller than usual crowd assembled with Ryan F scoring a course PB, and Richard B, Deanna S & Raymond E all helped out with a spot of volunteering. Thanks guys!

Well done everyone who parkran this weekend! 💚💜

*report assembled whilst eating breakfast in Cyprus so apologies for poor quality 😂

Volunteering for 08 April 2023

Alvaston parkrun

- Deanna S (Bar Code Scanning)

- Raymond E (Car Park Marshal, Marshal)

- Richard B (Timekeeper)

Results for 08 April 2023

Alvaston parkrun (5k)

- Brian W 24:26

- David L 22:51 5th Age Cat

- Kieran M 23:39

- Leanne S 35:11 3rd Age Cat

- Martin S 23:15

- Nicky P 26:02 Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Paul W 25:23

- Richard S 26:06 5th Age Cat

- Ryan F 23:20 (Course PB) 4th Age Cat

Isabel Trail parkrun (5k)

- Samuel B 18:20 (First Timer!) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Tomas H 21:48 (First Timer!)

Linford Wood parkrun (5k)

- Pete R 22:56 (Course PB) Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

Long Eaton parkrun (5k)

- Andrew G 24:08

- Barry B 39:09

- John B 39:12

- Sarah R 27:12 4th Age Cat

Markeaton parkrun (5k)

- Fiona F 34:12

- Sharon C 30:55

Monsal Trail parkrun (5k)

- Maria G 26:16 (First Timer!)

- Thomas S 26:17 (First Timer!)

Netley Abbey parkrun (5k)

- Alyson W 29:37 (First Timer!) 5th Age Cat

North Yorkshire Water Park parkrun (5k)

- Jamie M 23:15 (First Timer!) 5th Age Cat

Rising Sun parkrun (5k)

- Dan W 21:38 (First Timer!) 1st Age Cat

Ruchill parkrun (5k)

- Zakaria M 24:34 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

Snowden Field parkrun (5k)

- Chris B 23:53 (First Timer!) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Connah B 23:15 (First Timer!) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Stratford Park parkrun, Stroud (5k)

- Kevin P 25:46 (First Timer!) 5th Age Cat

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