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Saturday 7th October 2023

Robert Lane

7 Oct 2023

Week 40

Today, on a rather warm October morning, 28 of our members turned out for parkrun, of which 10 volunteered, and 22 ran.

Volunteering today at Alvaston were Brian W, David L, Lorna C, Lucy T, Michael T - who was today's Run Director - Samuel B, and Sheila G. Deanna S & Richard B tailwalked at Rosliston. Many thanks guys! Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

On the road there were first time visits for Lauren G & Olivia P to Beacon Hill Country Park parkrun, Martin S who was down at Gunnersbury parkrun in West London, Dan W who was at Hillsborough parkrun in Sheffield, and Robert L who was at the very new parkrun at Sence Valley Forest. Deanna S and Richard B also made a return trip to Rosliston to volunteer.

Furthest travelled today was David Br who was at Donaupark parkrun in Vienna, but contrary to popular belief, it meant quite a lot to him, as opposed to nothing.... one for Ultravox fans there 😂

First in their respective age categories were Christopher M, Connah B, Nicky P, Ciaran M and Graham Y. Alvaston & Markeaton had the largest running contingents with six apiece.

Great stuff that Green Team 💚💜

Volunteering for 07 October 2023

Alvaston parkrun

- Brian W (Car Park Marshal, Marshal)

- David L (Marshal, Course Check)

- Kevin P (Marshal)

- Lorna C (Marshal)

- Lucy T (Tail Walker)

- Michael T (Run Director)

- Samuel B (Marshal)

- Sheila G (Bar Code Scanning)

Rosliston parkrun

- Deanna S (Tail Walker)

- Richard B (Tail Walker)

Results for 07 October 2023

Alvaston parkrun (5k)

- Brendan D 22:16 3rd Age Cat

- Christopher M 21:39 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Connah B 21:08 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Lucy T 56:47

- Mark G 33:12 5th Age Cat

- Matthew B 23:07 4th Age Cat

Beacon Hill Country Park parkrun (5k)

- Lauren G 30:24 (First Timer!)

- Olivia P 37:17 (First Timer!)

Donaupark parkrun (5k)

- David Br 36:35 (First Timer!)

Gunnersbury parkrun (5k)

- Martin S 22:56 (First Timer!)

Hillsborough parkrun (5k)

- Dan W 20:57 (First Timer!) 2nd Age Cat

Long Eaton parkrun (5k)

- Duncan C 20:39 4th Age Cat

- Nicky P 25:53 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Markeaton parkrun (5k)

- Andrew G 28:12

- Ciaran M 19:05 Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Fiona F 30:36

- Graham Y 30:47 1st Age Cat

- Julie M 31:05

- Lisa D 33:25

Rosliston parkrun (5k)

- Deanna S 01:12:14

- Richard B 01:12:15

Sence Valley Forest Park parkrun (5k)

- Robert L 27:00 (First Timer!)

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