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Saturday 28th October 2023

Robert Lane

28 Oct 2023

Week 43

Parkrun had a bit of a spooky theme today with it being the closest to Halloween, and 33 members took to the courses. A bumper crowd of 23 club members turned up to run and volunteer at Alvaston, with Lauren G and Pascal S getting scarily excellent PBs and Sarah S first in her age category. Christopher M also ran today but sadly forgot his barcode so his result wasn't registered. Volunteering today were Deanna S, Susan W, and Richard B - many thanks guys!

Our furthest travelled member today was Fiona F heading a rather scary distance down-under to debut at Albert parkrun, Melbourne getting the first parkrun of the day in before anyone else had got out of bed!

Back home Simon B was first in his age category in his first visit to Aviemore parkrun in Scotland, and Conor O & Daisy M made debuts at Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun in Birmingham.

Visiting some more haunting grassier courses were Kevin P at Sence Valley Forest Park parkrun, David L at Upton Court parkrun near Slough and Robert L at King George V Playing Field parkrun in Cheltenham, also collecting a frighteningly muddy course PB.

Martin S made his debut at Poolsbrook parkrun, accompanied by Chris S who also grabbed himself a cracking course PB.

Great work to all our Sinfin ghouls & goblins today! 💚💜☠️🧙‍♀️⚰️🪦🎃

Volunteering for 28 October 2023

Alvaston parkrun

 - Deanna S (Timekeeper)

 - Richard B (Bar Code Scanning)

 - Susan W (Bar Code Scanning)

Results for 28 October 2023

Albert parkrun, Melbourne (5k)

 - Fiona F 27:41 (First Timer!) 5th Age Cat

Alvaston parkrun (5k)

 - Alyson W 33:18

 - Barry B 32:43 2nd Age Cat

 - Brendan D 22:44

 - Connah B 22:33 3rd Age Cat

 - Dan W 22:44 4th Age Cat

 - Dawn O 29:23 4th Age Cat

 - Gemma M 31:46

 - Jamie M 23:38

 - John B 35:21 3rd Age Cat

 - Lauren G 25:57 (Course PB) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

 - Lucy T 33:27

 - Mark G 31:55

 - Michael T 28:35

 - Nicky P 26:18 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 4th Age Cat

 - Olivia P 33:36 4th Age Cat

 - Pascal S 20:56 (Course PB) 2nd Age Cat

 - Samuel B 21:03 5th Age Cat

 - Sarah S 23:07 Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

 - Sheila G 29:38

Aviemore parkrun (5k)

 - Simon B 23:35 (First Timer!) Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun (5k)

 - Conor O 22:35 (First Timer!)

 - Daisy M 29:51 (First Timer!)

King George V Playing Field parkrun, Cheltenham (5k)

 - Robert L 27:08 (Course PB) 4th Age Cat

Markeaton parkrun (5k)

 - Graham Y 32:15 2nd Age Cat

Poolsbrook parkrun (5k)

 - Chris S 21:02 (Course PB) Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

 - Martin S 22:42 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

Sence Valley Forest Park parkrun (5k)

 - Kevin P 24:29 (First Timer!) Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

Upton Court parkrun (5k)

 - David L 22:28 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

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