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Saturday 27th May 2023

Robert Lane

27 May 2023

Week 21

Well, life is always capable of throwing up some surprises, and I'm not sure if you've ever seen a bobsleigh taking on a parkrun course before but.... it happened here today at Alvaston! As Richard B celebrated his 100th parkrun, he and three other (un)lucky suspects took the course on as the Jamaican four-man bobsleigh for some Cool Runnings! What a sight to see! The weather was also distinctly Jamaican with the sun beating down and the rest of the Alvaston crowd looking on in admiration! Whilst all this was taking place Maria G steamed home as the first lady, and Connah B and Dan W were both first in their age categories. Sam B finished 5th and Kevin P was also in the top 10!

Down the road at Dishley, Loughborough, Martin S grabbed a course PB, accompanied by Tony A tackling the course for the first time, and Jane W nipped over to Uttoxeter for her first visit to the Bramshall Road parkrun, finishing first in her age category.

There were also first time visits by Chris S to Edinburgh, the furthest travelled of the day, Peel parkrun by Tom S, and Dawn O to Shipley. Our North-east correspondant David B, visited Riverside parkrun for the first time, up near Sunderland.

Volunteering today were Nicky P, Gemma M, Sam B, and Jamie M, all at Alvaston. Well done everybody today! 💚💜

Volunteering for 27 May 2023

Alvaston parkrun

- Gemma M (Marshal)

- Jamie M (Marshal)

- Nicky P (Marshal, Bar Code Scanning)

- Samuel B (Token Sorting)

Results for 27 May 2023

Alvaston parkrun (5k)

- Adam G 28:43

- Amy P 37:03

- Chelsea W 27:39 2nd Age Cat

- Chris B 22:24 4th Age Cat

- Connah B 21:42 1st Age Cat

- Dan W 20:43 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- David L 20:32 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

- Deanna S 31:32 5th Age Cat

- Dennis C 25:21 2nd Age Cat

- James S 23:47

- Kathleen F 25:58 Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Kevin P 19:38 (Course PB) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Leanne S 27:32 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 4th Age Cat

- Lorna C 29:49 5th Age Cat

- Maria G 23:44 1st Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Matthew B 37:04

- Philip W 24:45

- Richard B 31:32 4th Age Cat

- Robert L 28:45

- Samuel B 18:54 Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

- Sharon C 28:19 3rd Age Cat

- Sheila G 29:53

Bramshall Road parkrun (5k)

- Jane W 28:30 (First Timer!) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Dishley parkrun, Loughborough (5k)

- Martin S 24:47 (Course PB) 5th Age Cat

- Tony A 20:40 (First Timer!) Top Twenty & Top Ten Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

Edinburgh parkrun (5k)

- Chris S 21:31 (First Timer!)

Long Eaton parkrun (5k)

- Barry B 31:38 2nd Age Cat

Markeaton parkrun (5k)

- Alyson W 30:31 5th Age Cat

- Andrew G 24:09

- Fiona F 30:12 4th Age Cat

- Julie M 30:13

Peel parkrun (5k)

- Thomas S 20:50 (First Timer!)

Riverside parkrun (5k)

- David B 34:32 (First Timer!)

Shipley Country parkrun (5k)

- Dawn O 31:45 (First Timer!) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 4th Age Cat

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