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Saturday 17th June 2023

Robert Lane

17 Jun 2023

Week 24

Fortunately the weather had cooled off nicely earlier making running a lot more palatable at the Saturday morning parkrun. Today our runners splattered themselves over various courses around largely the middle of the country with Nicky P furthest away debuting at Boston parkrun, and Sharon C making her first visit to Shrewsbury parkrun. Simon B debuted at Macclesfield and Brendan D took in his first visit to Newark parkrun.

Nearer to home there were visits to Wollaton Hall by Dan W, getting himself a course PB, and a posse of four made it to Forest Rec in Nottingham where Samuel B finished 3rd in the race, and Danielle S was first lady! Edward S & Alyson W also made their first visits to the course. Julie M made her first visit to Trentham Gardens in Stoke and Duncan C was first in his category at Uttoxeter.

Southwards at Conkers, Ciaran M & Kevin P were both in the top ten also getting excellent PBs, accompanied by first timer Martin S, and at Beacon Hill Deanna S & Richard B made their debuts on the course with Deanna winning her age category.

Back home in Derby, Alvaston saw a rather more busy field of runners than usual with the cancellation of Markeaton, Long Eaton and nearby Shipley. The usual large crowd of Sinfinians gathered, helping to celebrate Mark and Sheila G's wedding anniversary, and also Sheila's 50th parkrun! Fiona F had a great run, winning her age category.

There were no volunteers today, but some great running by our members - well done all!

Results for 17 June 2023

Alvaston parkrun (5k)

- Adam G 27:57

- Andrew G 24:29

- Barry B 31:12 3rd Age Cat

- David L 21:25 4th Age Cat

- Dawn O 29:21 5th Age Cat

- Fiona F 25:41 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Karen K 32:28 2nd Age Cat

- Leanne S 27:46 3rd Age Cat

- Maria G 23:56 Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Matthew B 23:24 4th Age Cat

- Robert L 29:01

- Sheila G 29:22 3rd Age Cat

Beacon Hill Country Park parkrun (5k)

- Deanna S 26:03 (First Timer!) Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Richard B 22:08 (First Timer!) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

Boston parkrun (5k)

- Nicky P 30:13 (First Timer!)

Bramshall Road parkrun (5k)

- Duncan C 22:23 Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Conkers parkrun (5k)

- Ciaran M 19:20 (Course PB) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Kevin P 19:33 (Course PB) Top Ten & Top Ten Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Martin S 23:04 (First Timer!)

Forest Rec parkrun (5k)

- Alyson W 29:32 (First Timer!) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

- Danielle S 22:22 (First Timer!) Top Twenty & 1st Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Edward S 29:47 (First Timer!)

- Samuel B 19:06 (First Timer!) 3rd & 3rd Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

Macclesfield parkrun (5k)

- Simon B 26:00 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

Newark parkrun (5k)

- Brendan D 22:51 (First Timer!) Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 5th Age Cat

Shrewsbury parkrun (5k)

- Sharon C 25:00 (First Timer!) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 2nd Age Cat

South Shields parkrun (5k)

- David B 34:06

Trentham Gardens parkrun (5k)

- Julie M 27:22 (First Timer!) 4th Age Cat

Wollaton Hall parkrun (5k)

- Dan W 20:56 (Course PB)

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