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Jane Wade

Robert Lane

29 Sept 2023

As September fades away and we settle into the autumn months, we bring to you our Meet the Green Team featurette. This month it's the turn of Sinfin's recently appointed new Treasurer... Jane Wade!

"Wadey", who joined Sinfin from Hatton Darts towards the end of last year, is not only an excellent number cruncher, but also a very established runner in all disciplines (which is quite handy in a running club!).

She's regularly spotted donning the Sinfin vest at a Cross Country meeting or running up and down hills in a ridiculously tough fell race. Not only that but she's no stranger to the tarmac either, recently taking part in the Newcastle 10k, and back in April taking on the London Marathon (again!).

Jane is an excellent addition to Sinfin and its committee, bringing with her a wealth of experience, so if you're looking for a few tips on a race, then she is very much a "go to" person. Plus if you talk to her nicely she might be able to work out if you can afford that next car loan!

On that note, let's hear from the very lady herself...

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