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Dennis Ceranic

Robert Lane

28 Dec 2023

With the end of 2023 rapidly approaching, please don't think we've forgotten about our December Meet the Green Team featurette - because we haven't, and it's right here... and to top off the year we bring to you an absolutely top guy who simply loves his running, especially in green of course... Mr Dennis Ceranic!

Dennis is a highly experienced runner, and has been with Sinfin for a number of years now. He's always got loads of great running advice for you (and maybe advice on other things too!), and is highly supportive of his running colleagues.

Back in the day Dennis was a fantastic distance runner putting together some amazing marathon and half marathon times. However, that's not to say that he still can't chalk up a brilliant time now either, in fact this year he ran his umpteenth London marathon in a fabulous 3 hours 59 minutes, and was as fresh as a daisy afterwards!

His knowledge of races and vast experience is something you have got to admire and he definitely will point you in the right direction should you have any running questions or are seeking advice. He's also sure to pull a running story out of the bag that will fill you full of inspiration.

A regular at club night, speed sessions and orchestrator of the Sunday long runs attended by many club members, Dennis is a very popular member of the club.

On that note, we'd just like to congratulate everyone on their achievements for 2023 and wish you all a very happy new year. The only thing that remains is to work out who his mysterious friend "Sweetpea" is! Check out just what Dennis has to say below!

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