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Saturday 10th December 2022

Robert Lane

10 Dec 2022

The last few days had been much colder, with frosty and icey mornings, and a few club members were holding out on a long planned visit to Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun in Birmingham not being called off. The crew hit the 7.13am train to Brum and awaited news on the go-ahead decision - fortunately the run was deemed safe and 12 of our runners took to the beautiful and flat course, which was generally good all around the asphalt and gravel paths with just a couple of particularly frosty sections. Dan W did take a slight fall but recovered to still come home as first Sinfin in 20th spot. Colette R and Maria G also ran well and were first in their age categories. After the run everyone headed into the city centre to enjoy a few festive ales before finally heading back to Derby for the disappointing England defeat. An amazing day was still had by all though despite the football!

Just down the road from Edgbaston, Andy and Julie S were at Babbs Mill parkrun, with Julie coming home 3rd in her age category.

Back home in Derby Alvaston was called off but Markeaton went ahead and Fiona F took first in her age category. Long Eaton also ran, Danielle S and John B were also first in their age categories and at Conkers parkrun Kevin P managed a top 20 position.

Up in Glasgow Zak M managed a top 20 position at his home run at Ruchill parkrun.

A great day for the club... hopefully they'll be another big away trip planned for the spring! Well done you super greens! 💚

(No volunteering today)

Results for 10 December 2022

Babbs Mill parkrun (5k)

- Andrew S 25:39 (First Timer!)

- Julie S 45:48 (First Timer!) Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

Conkers parkrun (5k)

- Kevin P 21:02 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun (5k)

- Andrew G 27:56 (First Timer!)

- Brendan D 27:16 (First Timer!)

- Colette R 25:12 (First Timer!) Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Dan W 21:52 (First Timer!) Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

- David L 22:23 (First Timer!) 3rd Age Cat

- George K 25:26 (First Timer!)

- Julie H 29:04 (First Timer!) 2nd Age Cat

- Maria G 26:43 (First Timer!) Top Ten Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Paul W 27:12 (First Timer!)

- Robert L 27:29 (First Timer!)

- Simon B 25:24 (First Timer!)

- Thomas S 27:22 (First Timer!)

Long Eaton parkrun (5k)

- Danielle S 21:29 2nd Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Edward S 31:37

- John B 30:36 1st Age Cat

- Nicky P 24:22 Top Ten Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

Markeaton parkrun (5k)

- Fiona F 27:40 Top Twenty Gen Pos & 1st Age Cat

- Matthew B 25:49 (First Timer!)

Ruchill parkrun (5k)

- Zakaria M 23:17 Top Twenty & Top Twenty Gen Pos & 3rd Age Cat

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