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Air Ambulance Service Presentation

Brian Warner

27 Sept 2023

Air Ambulance Service Presentation

Following on from our successful Sinfin 5 Race we presented the second of our supporter payments to The Air Ambulance Service.

The Air Ambulance Service provides critical care paramedics, doctors and pilots that attend an average of ten rescue missions a day. Within minutes, they can be on the ground delivering lifesaving care at road traffic collisions, sports events, and industrial accidents or for medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, stroke or accidents in the home. The air ambulance gives people the very best chance of survival and recovery.

The helicopters can fly at 185mph and carry the very latest lifesaving equipment. They receive no funding from the government or National Lottery for our daily missions and rely entirely on donations to raise the £1,700 we need for each rescue mission.

John Bown who is a Community Volunteer came to visit us at our Wednesday Evening meeting point - the CrossBar on Chellatson Park. John thanked us for our donation and explained how important all donations are to ensure the service they provide continues.

We have made donations to The Air Ambulance Service over a number of years and will continue to do so as we feel they are a very deserving charity. (We do have another presention to follow for our final supported charity) #SRCCharitySupport #ChellastonLeisure

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